What To Do If Your Child Is Diagnosed With ADHD

by Ellie Johnson

in Kids

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If your child has been recently diagnosed with ADHD, you’re probably feeling very apprehensive. However, there is no need to panic. With the right medication and talking therapies, it is more than possible for them to live a healthy life.

To put your mind at ease, we’ve created this basic guide that contains everything you need to know.

So long as you follow our advice, your child should be healthy and back on track very soon. Sometimes it’s the doctors who get it wrong though, and that brings us to our first point.

Get a second opinion

Some doctors are far too keen to diagnose ADHD these days. For that reason, it makes sense for you to ask for a second opinion before you start any treatment. You are entitled to that by law, and so there should be professions at the same clinic who are willing to take a look at the case. So long as they confirm the original diagnosis, you can start to move forward. However, the same is not true if they contradict the last assessment. When that happens, you might need to get a third or even fourth opinion before starting treatment.

Explain the situation to your child

Children can find it rather confusing when they are told they have a mental disorder. Even adults can struggle to accept the facts. So, it’s vital that you sit down with your little one and explain the situation. You need to let them know that you still love them, no matter what illnesses the doctors might find. Also, it’s worth going into the importance of taking their medication. Kids sometimes refuse to take tablets, but that is the only way your child is going to get better.

Reduce their intake of sugar

Products that contain a lot of sugar are no use to people with ADHD. They could counteract the effects of their medicine, and they are sure to produce far too much energy. You need to find some healthy snacks that your kids enjoy. Buying their favorite fruit is sensible, but you could also fill them up on snacks like crackers and cheese. So long as there is not a high sugar content, they should be fine.

Get the right medication

There is lots of different medication for people with ADHD. It is imperative that you find the right ones as soon as possible. The last thing you want is for your child to take tablets that are going to leave them feeling drowsy all the time. Getting a Vyvanse coupon and trying that form of medication could be a wise move. Vyvanse has proven to work well for many young people, and it could be the perfect drug for your child. Just make sure you consult your doctor before starting a course.

You should now be in a much better position to make the right moves when your child is diagnosed with ADHD. It might seem like a nasty blow, but it’s not as bad as you think. If they understand their condition and medicate themselves accordingly, their life could be filled with all the same enjoyments experienced by you and I.

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