Steps to Stop Smoking and Start Vaping

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Nicotine Replacement Options – Breaking an addiction to cigarettes can be difficult. For some it is impossible. Nicotine is addictive.

The habits people from around smoking make it harder to quit. These habits include smoking after a meal and with a morning coffee. Habitual smoking can be even harder to break than the physical addiction.

Many smokers turn instead to nicotine replacement patches to help break their habit.

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These patches contain small doses of nicotine. They don’t however, contain the harmful chemicals and tar found in cigarettes. The former smoker can, over time, switch patches to reduce the amount of nicotine. Along similar lines, are plastic tubes with nicotine soaked fibres within them. These give those trying to stop smoking the hand-to-mouth habitual feel of smoking.

Cigarette-Shaped Replacements Help Mental Addiction

These cigarette-shaped nicotine replacements help smokers quit. One benefit is their lack of smoke and attendant smell. They help, in particular, for those who have a mental addiction to cigarettes. Often, those smoking need to have a cigarette in their hand. Cigarettes act as a social crutch for when they feel shy or nervous. It gives people by something to do with their hands.

Similarly, smoking helps people wind down before or after a stressful event. Sometimes it is used as a digestive aid after a meal. Yes, nicotine helps digestion! It also has other health benefits. In fact, it is a powerful substance and pharmaceutical companies have taken note. Scientists are researching its use to treat a variety of ailments.

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Chemicals in Cigarettes are the Real Problem

Nicotine is the substance that gives smokers enjoyment. The taste and smell of tobacco doesn’t. The addition of harmful chemicals in cigarettes is not beneficial or enjoyable.

Nicotine itself is not a harmful substance. So, it makes sense to include it in a healthier substitute. Cutting out cigarettes but not nicotine enables smokers to focus on their mental addiction. Once this mental addiction is conquered, they can move on to the next step.

Smokers become accustomed to the repetitive motion of lighting up and inhaling. They enjoy the sensation of drawing the smoke into their lungs. The use of patches, yes, deliver nicotine, but lacks the sensation that smoking provides.

Nicotine patches won’t help those who need to replace the act of smoking. For these smokers, an alternative to patches is plastic cigarettes. These are plastic tubes with nicotine fibres inside. An alternative is the relatively new electronic cigarettes. These combine nicotine and water into a vapour.

It may be easier to stop smoking if one part of the habit is retained. Smokers find it easier to use something they can put in their mouths. This provides the familiar action of drawing air or vapour into their lungs. This can make it easier to first quit cigarettes without having to quit nicotine. Once those smokers have achieved that goal, they can tackle their nicotine habit.

No Need to Quit Nicotine

There is no need to quit using nicotine. Many former smokers continue to use them as a replacement. It is the tar and other chemicals in cigarettes that cause the true harm. There are over seven thousand chemicals in tobacco smoke. These include carbon monoxide which is more commonly associated with car exhaust fumes.

Cigarettes cause bronchial problems, such as a persistent ‘smoker’s cough’. The chemicals found in cigarettes can also cause emphysema. This is a smoker’s disease. The lungs can’t get enough oxygen, leaving that person breathless. Emphysema can be fatal.

Smoking cigarettes also leads to lung cancer. This is the case, not only for those smoking, but for those in smoky environments. Smoke from cigarettes may harm young children confined in a smoker’s car. The health of employees working in smoky venues can also be negatively affected.

Smelly Smoke no Longer Lingers

Smokers reap the health benefits when they use nicotine replacements. These plastic cigarettes, gums and patches help give up without nicotine withdrawal. Electronic cigarettes provide a similar sensation to smoking. Users draw vapour into their lungs instead of smoke.

This vapour is called E Liquid and is flavoured water with nicotine added. Former smokers who favour e-cigarettes are no longer identifiable by the distinctive smokers’ odour. This clings stubbornly to their skin, hair and clothing. The E Liquid vapour doesn’t taint smokers themselves, or their environment.

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What Exactly are Electronic Cigarettes?

Also known as E-Cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are a cigarette-shaped tube. Inside the tube, there are tiny electronic components. These include a flavoured nicotine cartridge, a sensor, LED light. A minuscule heater which warms up the nicotine cartridge and creates the vapour. The batteries should be charged in order for the electronic system to function properly. This ensures enough heat is generated to make vapour.

Tobacco-Flavoured, but not Tobacco

For some, a tobacco flavour is an inherent of the experience. This taste adds the addictive nature of ‘real’ cigarettes. Ask anyone who has quit smoking, if they liked the taste of a forbidden cigarette. The answer will be a resounding “No!”. Unless you regularly smoke, cigarettes taste dreadful. When in the throes of cigarette addiction, that distinct flavour can seem wonderful. Missing that taste can make the transition from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes harder. This has been taken care of though, with many manufacturers creating tobacco liquid flavours.

Unusual Flavours

Using tobacco-flavoured e-cigarette liquids instead of smoking is great. There are benefits to trying other flavours. ‘Vaping’, as smoking e-cigarettes is known, can further aid former smokers. This is due to the flavours in the vapour. If the vapour doesn’t taste like tobacco it may be easier to stay off cigarettes.

This disassociation of taste from nicotine should help avoid further cigarette-smoking. To this end, there are a vast range of tastes to try out. How about fresh peppermint or spearmint? For fruit fanatics, e-cigarette smokers can try mango, passion fruit and mixed berries. E Liquid manufacturers are also branching out into more unusual flavours. These include traditional sugary flavours like candy floss, vanilla toffee and bubble gum.

Of course, a gum or patch may work just as well. For those missing the act of smoking e-cigarettes are a better option. It is a step-by-step process where smokers gradually replace bad habits. The first step is replacing real cigarettes with e-cigarettes.

The next step is to ditch the tobacco taste. Try instead sampling any unusual or fruity vapour flavours. If the end goal is to be a non-smoker, gradually reduce the number of e-cigarettes. Eventually the body no longer expects regular nicotine. When this happens you’ll no longer be a smoker.

To help you to quit smoking there are a wide variety of different vape kits available to get you started. It is worth investing in a quality kit with a long battery life, that will replicate the nicotine stimulation and smoke vapour clouds that you would otherwise get from a cigarette.

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