Starting To Stress About Old Age? Common Worries And What You Can Do

by Ellie Johnson

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As we get older, there are plenty of things to cause stress. Of course, as we get older, that stress can in itself cause significant health problems. The inevitability of aging can be enough to cause plenty of stress, just thinking about it!

But aging will happen, and we will all suffer the indignities that go with it.

The only thing we can control is how we manage the stress that comes from it. If you are already getting worried about aging, or you are starting to feel the effects of aging, we give you the top four things you can do to keep calm and carry on:

Grey hair

Usually greying hair is accompanied by thinning and brittleness. It is up to you if you choose to hide the greys, but dying your hair could cause further deterioration of the quality of the hair. Wigs are becoming more popular, but these can bring stress worrying if they are sitting right, or in danger of falling off! Take a deep breath and choose to go grey gracefully, or spend that little bit extra being pampered at the salon with a good quality, caring color treatment.

Hearing loss

You may have noticed you can’t concentrate on a conversation in a busy coffee shop anymore. This could be a sign of hearing loss. It is important you have your hearing checked because the loss of hearing can be incredibly stressful. It can even lead to depression. It can be a lonely place in your head when you can’t hear conversations clearly anymore, so save yourself a lot of stress and get your hearing checked. Hearing isn’t like vision. You can’t just pick a hearing aid and expect it to fit or work for your kind of hearing loss, the way you would pick up reading glasses at the supermarket. If you need any more reasons why you should not buy them online, speak to your local hearing specialist in person today.


Much of our forgetfulness can actually be put down to juggling too many tasks or thoughts at once. We can’t multitask as a species I’m afraid. However, if you feel that you are overly forgetful, and it is causing stress, now may be the time to pick up some extra brain strain. Visit your doctor with your concerns, but also start taking on more mentally stimulating and challenging tasks. Do a Sudoku a day, play a musical instrument or sing, or play a words game. All these things will keep your brain active for longer, and help stave off that dementia you are worrying about. Drink plenty of water to keep those cells hydrated, and you could find you are worrying about nothing.


Our skin loses elasticity as we get older. Keep it moisturized and exfoliated a couple of times a week to keep the circulation going. Eat healthily so that the cells can be healthy. Most importantly, try something like Yoga to keep active and keep your stress about your appearance at bay. Namaste.

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