Relieving Ovarian Cyst Pain

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Ovarian cyst pain can result in a moment of tension and emotional strain to a woman. The intensity of this symptom depends on several completely different factors such as dimensions, location, type of cyst and the age of a woman.

Frequent and severe pain will often affect a woman’s productivity at work and might strain her relationship with her important people such as friends, colleagues and family members – something that she never expect before.

A variety of different conditions – from cysts to tumors, will cause ovarian pain where the ovaries are located in the lower abdomen. That means if you have ovarian pain, you will most likely feel it in your lower abdomen which is below your belly button and pelvis. It’s important to have any pelvic pain checked out by your regular doctor or obstetrician/gynecologist.

Watchful waiting

Most ovarian cysts will disappear on their own. If you don’t feel any symptoms especially if you haven’t yet saw menopause, your doctor might advice you for “watchful waiting”. The doctor may check you periodically to work out if there is any change happened in the cyst. In term of clothing, loose fitting clothing is better for women with ovarian cyst pain. When you set a lot of pressure on the lower abdomen, you are irritating yourself by pushing the ovarian cyst. You need to avoid clothing that hug your midsection like tight jeans.


Some women take painkillers during the initial observation period. Painkillers are convenient and effective for ovarian cyst pain relief for some hours. However you need to always bear in mind that this can be a short term solution which can’t eliminate the cyst itself. Ask your doctor if you want to take painkillers like Ibuprofen or Tylenol to counter the pain.

Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills may relieve the pain from ovarian cysts as they prevent the process of ovulation. It means that birth control pills have the ability to reduce the formation of new cysts. Your doctor may prescribe birth control pills in hope of stopping ovulation and thus eliminating your possibilities of getting more cysts.

Getting Enough Sleep

This is important – get enough sleep. Make sure to get enough sleep at night and rest when the time comes. It sounds easier said than done since most women nowadays juggle a lot of things in their daily life – family, careers, college, social lives and many more. It will be a struggling effort to manage just the day-to-day responsibilities while facing the ovarian cyst pain thus try your best to get enough sleep in order to assist in relieving ovarian cyst pain.

Applying Heat

Heat is one among the most effective natural elements which dilates blood vessels and works extremely well to reduce various pains in any parts of the body including ovarian cysts pain. Relaxing in a hot tub or applying a hot water bottle to the affected area for a few minutes will enable you to relax yourselves and relieve ovarian cyst pain. This step might involve long term results, but can solely be accomplished when the origin of the matter has been checked out and handled.

Heating pads are the foremost natural type of treatment that you can use to relieve ovarian cyst pain. Set the pad to a medium setting and then place it next to your lower back and relax. It can help you to relieve you from ovarian cyst pain for a while.


In fact there is a number of treatments for ovarian cysts. This is a kind of surgery that uses tiny incisions and a small, lighted camera on the tip of a plastic tube that is inserted into the abdomen. A surgeon uses tools on the top of the tube to get rid of some cysts. This technique works for smaller cysts while larger cysts can be removed through a larger incision in the abdomen. This is often done through the process of laparatomy.

These ways can help you in relieving ovarian cyst pain. You can try these steps in your effort of relieving ovarian cyst pain however the best way is to seek advice from your doctor on the steps that you should take to relieve the pain including go for surgery. I hope these tips help!


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