Pros & Cons of Birth Pills

by Ellie Johnson

in Women

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Birth control pills are utilized by ladies usually to help stop pregnancy. They are pills that are taken orally once daily.

Girls everywhere in the world take birth control pills for several different reasons. There are several pros and cons of using birth control pills.

Here are some reasons why birth control pills may be good or not for you to use:


  1. Effective birth control. Studies have shown that this way of birth control is 99 % effective.
  2. Many women use birth control pills in order to control their menstrual cycle. It is nice for those who have irregular or serious periods.
  3. This methodology of birth management is understood for relieving those cramps that return regarding throughout menstruation.
  4. The pill is additionally known for treating endometriosis.
  5. If you have got a downside with ovarian cysts, then taking birth management pills, may stop the recurrent ovarian cyst.
  6. It is additionally utilized in ladies to treat premenstrual syndrome and premenstrual dysphoric disorder.
  7. Certain varieties of birth control are known for serving to clear up acne.
  8. It will decrease the danger of endometrial cancer and ovarian cancer. It all depends on the type of birth management pill you utilize.


  1. It may cause events like a stroke, blood clots and heart attacks. This could be a risk that we take when we take birth management pills.
  2. It will slightly increase the risk of getting breast cancer.
  3. This one might be rare, but it will cause hepatic cancer and noncancerous tumors to form.
  4. Birth control pills might increase the serum lipids (elevate your cholesterol).
  5. If you smoke cigarettes and are over the age of thirty 5, then the possibilities of a thromboembolic event can increase.
  6. Taking the birth control pill might cause liver, kidney or adrenal dysfunction.
  7. Severe hypertension
  8. Endometrical cancer

Looks just like the pros are to outweigh the cons as the cons are only a small percentage of happening.

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