Preventing Stretch Marks Naturally

by Ellie Johnson

in Skin

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It is very common for every woman where in certain time of their lives – they will face the problem of stretch marks.

They appear as if reddish lines across the body and with time they will flip white. In pregnancy it is common for women to face this problem due to the skin stretching very rapidly to accommodate the baby and storing milk in the breasts.

Although there is a lot of mentions and talks related to the prevention of stretch marks, most people agree that the key to stretch mark prevention begins with healthy skin. Healthy skin not only stunning, it is also less vulnerable to developing these pesky little scars.

Here are some natural ways to prevent the stretch marks and reduce their impact on your skin.

Stretch Mark Removal Begins With Prevention

You’ll be able to prevent stretch marks by attempting not to achieve too much weight too fast. When you are pregnant you must speak to your doctor about the possibility of limiting your weight gain to 25-35 pounds. This will need practicing healthy diet and exercise. In fact too much exercise which will cause stretch marks to occur as well. Bodybuilders that bulk up quickly in size and weight have stretch marks that they need to deal with. However, it is exercise and eating healthy and nutritious meals which will keep one from getting stretch marks as well. Becoming obese could be a certain method of getting stretch marks.

Drink More Water

Of all things, water is compulsory to be in our meal especially when it involves preventing stretch marks since dry, dehydrated skin is more prone to developing stretch marks thus keeping your skin hydrated is extremely important.

Moisturize Your Skin

Although lotions, ointments and creams contain changeable amounts of potency in healing stretch marks, they will still be considered necessary in avoiding them. Through the speedy development or weight gain and pregnancy you can put on topical moisturizers to reinforce the flexibility of your skin. Topical moisturizers function excellently in avoiding stretch marks if it’s utilized in combination with sufficient water drinking and better diet.

Use Shea Butter to prevent Stretch Marks

Shea is a kind of butter from a nut tree in Africa. The butter is aloof from the nuts and is yellow and creamy. You’ll get it as a cream, lotion or as a salve. Shea butter will be purchased in most stores. It’s additionally used for aging skin and burns.

Reduce Stress

Stress worsens the case thus you have to remain during a relaxed and calm mood. You’ll be able to get pleasure by practicing yoga because it helps in relieving stress and keeping the mind relaxed.

Getting Adequate Sleep

Our skin remains healthy if we get adequate sleep. You must sleep a minimum of 8 hours daily. Take your time to get a short nap at noon daily. Taking an oatmeal bath helps in smoothing your skin and reducing and preventing stretch marks can help a lot as well.

Knowing how to prevent stretch marks naturally is definitely helpful however it’s not enough just by knowing them. As we have the tendency to develop these stretch marks, the best solution is to start taking action now.


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