Healthy Snacks for Your Kids

by Ellie Johnson

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Did you know that snacks are an important matter for your kids’ nutrition? Kids are snacking a lot of than ever – a trend that’s not expected to change at any time soon.

Kids are eating snacks at 168 calories each day more than they did in 1977, as reported by 2010 Health Affairs study.

In fact their major meals are eaten out of their homes. If children eat higher, they can concentrate better, work without feeling tired and improve their immunity. Besides that, healthy snacks can make them feel higher, less irritable and less tensed thus it is necessary for you to set up healthy meals for them through their snack boxes.

Let your kids eat foods that are as close to the natural state which promote growth, immunity and energy.

Healthy Snacking Moments

Various activities at home and school keep your kids hungry faster than ever. When hungry youngsters burst through the front door after faculty, they grab no matter is easy and on the market. Thus it’s best to own a few things prepared prior to.

Fruit, vegetables, crackers, cheese, healthy cookies, muffins, and peanut butter sandwiches are all high-energy foods that can help your hungry child to be prepared until you can prepare something homemade for them.

Design one of the shelves of the refrigerator for your kids with the understanding for them that it is OK to eat something on that shelf by by getting permission first. Stock the shelf with several set of healthy snacks. This is healthy way to hold your kids’ interest in snacks and in them same time providing them with healthy meals.

Best Meal Plan

So what is the best meal plan for your kids?

5 mini-meals within each 2-3 hours will do good as this can let your kids’ blood sugar and energy levels stable. Here’s the mini-meal suggestion details:

  • Breakfast: a healthy snack
  • Mid-morning
  • Lunch: another healthy snack within the afternoon
  • Dinner
  • Supper: healthy snack in the evening before bed.

Don’t let your toddler graze constantly at snacks throughout the day as this can lead to overeating and overweight kids. Facilitate your kids to learn to acknowledge when they are hungry and full thus laying a good foundation for maintaining a healthy weight throughout his or her life.

Let Them Choose

Don’t be too strict and let your kids choose and design their own snacks. You can understand them by doing this however you still need to guide them in the process and determine whether their choices are suitable or not for them.

Some Suggestions

Here are some of the suggestions that you would like to try for your kids. Take a look.

  • Mini Sandwiches: Some slices of bread, lunch meat, and cheese. Turn them into fun-shaped sandwiches.
  • Pizza: Use an English muffin, a full pita, or a tortilla as a pizza crust. A bit of bottled tomato sauce, a light sprinkle of low-fat mozzarella cheese, and then add with chopped vegetables and a bit of lean meat. Heat for some minutes in the then cut into triangles for your kids.
  • Fruit Kabobs: Stick melon balls, berries, pineapple chunks, and cubed peaches, pears or apples onto frilled toothpicks.
  • Freeze meals: Peel and freeze bananas, then roll the frozen fruit in chocolate syrup and chopped nuts. Alternative favorites include peach and nectarine slices, and berries of all types. Turn any combination of frozen fruit, milk, yogurt, juice and ice into a delicious, nutritious “milkshake.”
  • Cookies and muffins: Add applesauce as opposed to a number of the fat, oats, dried fruit, nuts and whole wheat flour.
  • Ice cream: Cool, creamy deliciousness of ice cream with low fat frozen yogurt, or pudding created with nonfat milk and frozen into pops.
  • Food cake: A big, fluffy slice of angel food cake with recent fruit to feature vitamins and fiber, or cut it into cubes for dipping into fruit-flavored yogurt for an extra dose of calcium.

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